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GuardedId® – Protecting Your Identity at Every Keystroke

THE THREAT—KEYLOGGERS Like a virus, a keylogger installs secretly. It captures and shares ALL of the personal, professional, and financial info typed on your keyboard, online or off! VULNERABILITY—VERY HIGH Bad news: you probably have a keylogger already. 80% of attacks are not stopped, even by up–to–date antivirus, antispyware, or firewall security. THE SOLUTION—GUARDEDID GuardedID®'s patent-pending keystroke encryption technology defeats keylogging and protects you when you shop, bank, browse, or email!


Armand Assante: I won't use my computer without GuardedID  and Steve Cooper: Keylogging is becoming a global emergency
Stop Identity Theft



"GuardedID®'s innovative keystroke encryption and anti–keylogging technology protects you from an identity thief's favorite new tool – keyloggers." Buy GuardedID®!


abc NEWS

ABC News' Brian Ross on the serious keylogger problem – "The 21st Century Version of a Bank Robbery"


"No other technology stops keyloggers by interfering in their most basic mechanism. GuardedID® works at the deepest level of the operating system to block against keyloggers past, present, future"
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GuardedID® is Proactive Protection Against the Keylogger Threat

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