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GuardedId® – Protecting Your Identity at Every Keystroke

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  • Keylogging is a widespread, serious threat.
  • Keylogging hands over your personal info to hackers, cyber–predators, and identity theives.
  • Anti–virus, anti-spyware, and firewall security are ineffective against 80% of keylogger attacks.
  • GuardedID® Protects Against Keylogging, with a proactive, preventative approach.

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Why do I need GuardedID®?

In order to help prevent the loss of your identity GuardedID® is a must. By simply connecting to the Internet, you are exposed to ten's of thousands of malicious keylogging programs whose sole intent is to steal your personal information. Keylogging is a type of spyware designed with one goal in mind, to capture and steal every keystroke you make. Imagine the information you are entering through the keyboard while writing emails, banking, bill payments, shopping, loan and credit applications, etc. (social security numbers, bank account numbers and passwords), being sent to a thief. This information can then easily be used to steal your identity, your monies, etc. without your knowledge.

Therefore, you need GuardedID® in order to protect yourself from malicious hackers trying to steal your identity. GuardedID® is the newest breakthrough technology that helps prevent key loggers from being successful.

How Does It Work?

GuardedID® takes a proactive approach to stopping malicious keylogging programs by encrypting every keystroke at the point of typing the keys, and rerouting those encrypted keystrokes directly to your Internet Explorer browser through its own unique path. GuardedID® bypasses the typical places keyloggers normally reside, thereby helping to eliminate your vulnerability to keylogging attacks, which could compromise your personal information causing you financial losses.

Key Features

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