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GuardedID® Installation & Activation Guide

1. Buy GuardedID® through our web site. If you have already purchased GuardedID® and received your email, please skip to step number 3. If you have successfully installed the product and just need to activate please skip to step number 4.

2. Shortly after your purchase you will receive an email from "Order Information - element 5" ( It is very important to keep this email for your records! Included in this email will be your License Key as well as a link to download the client and your User ID.

3. Once downloaded simply follow the instructions. It is highly recommended that you save all your work and close all other programs before installing. The installation will close Internet Explorer for you, but you must manually exit if you are using Firefox, The installation requires you to reboot upon completion.

4. After you reboot and sign back onto your computer, you might see a command prompt window. This is the installation finishing. Once Windows finishes loading up, GuardedID® will launch a "Successful Installation" web page in Internet Explorer. If for some reason this does not happen, HELP can be found in Start | All_Programs | GuardedID® | GuardedID® Help. In Windows 8, you go to the Desktop | GuardedID® Help.

5. To activate your product, have your License Key available. In Version 3 simply launch Internet Explorer (if it is not already opened) and you should see the GuardedID® toolbar. If you do not see it, right-mouse click underneath the address bar and click on "GuardedID®"and see the Manage on top. If GuardedID Version 4, go to the GuardedID® Icon on the bottom right and right click on the G to go to the Manage License drop down. If GuardedID® is not an option, press the red X of the "Successful Installation" page. If the additional instructions do not help, head over to either the Troubleshooting, Support Bulletin Board or Live Chat for help. Once you see the GuardedID® toolbar, please move on to the next step.

6. Click on the gray “Activate” in the GuardedID® screen and enter your personal information on the screen for Version 3. If Version 4, please enter your name and address and License key in the fields of the bottom right ‘G’, Manage License drop down. For both Versions no need to worry about keyloggers. Even though GuardedID® is not fully activated yet, it is active for this window. You will notice a Machine ID value. That is automatically generated based on your specific computer. If you ever need to change any information you enter into this form, you can always do so at a later point in time. Be sure to correctly enter your User ID and License Key.

7. Once completed, press Activate. If all of your information was correct, you will now be able to use GuardedID®. If not, it will let you know something was wrong.

8. If you ever need to go back to change any of your user information once you have activated GuardedID®, on the GuardedID® toolbar click on Manage and select “Mange license” for Version 3. For Version 4, if you activated GuardedID®, on the GuardedID® bottom right Icon right click on the G and hit Manage License. This allows you to Deactivate GuardedID® as well as update other personal information.

9. You have now successfully installed and activated GuardedID®. CONGRATULATIONS!!

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