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Press Releases

GuardedID® and StrikeForce's “Out-of-Band” Authentication Draw Strong Interest at RSA Security Conference 02/22/2011
Phone Guard Bundles GuardedID’s Keystroke Encryption Software With its "Drive Safe" Anti-Texting While Driving Software 02/16/2011
GuardedID® included in StrikeForce's Entry into $55 Billion Federal Government Cybersecurity Market 02/14/2011
Secure Access Technologies Purchases 100,000 Licenses of GuardedID® Keystroke Encryption Software 01/18/2011
StrikeForce Receives Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent Office For Its Application Titled "Multi-Channel Device Utilizing A Centralized Out-of-Band Authentication System" 11/08/2010
StrikeForce’s GuardedID® Solves Facebook Clickjacking Problem 06/09/2010
GreenWare partners with StrikeForce to market GuardedID® to banks and their customers. 05/27/2010
Lavasoft Adds GuardedID’s Keystroke Encryption Software to their Tax-Season Protection Bundle 03/18/2010
StrikeForce Licenses Its Keystroke Encryption Technology to Leading Security Company 10/27/2009
StrikeForce unveils Data Breach Prevention Software 02/26/2009
StrikeForce Technologies, Inc. Joins Oracle Identity Assurance Partner Alliance Initiative 10/07/2008
StrikeForce Signs Agreement with Intersections to Offer Antikeylogging Software 06/10/2008
IdMlogic Signs a Strategic Partnering Agreement with Leading Identity Theft Prevention Provider StrikeForce Technologies 05/28/2008
StrikeForce Signs Distribution Agreement With IDTELi To Bundle GuardedID® Into Corporate ID Theft Prevention Program 12/05/2007
StrikeForce Announces the Release of its Popular GuardedID® Keystroke Encryption Software for Mozilla’s Firefox Web Browser 10/30/2007
FSI Releases New Home Banking System Utilizing StrikeForce’s Identity Theft Prevention Products 09/27/2007
Social Networking Site Licenses StrikeForce ValidateID Identity Validation Solution 08/21/2007
StrikeForce Signs International Distribution Agreement with Damovo For Europe And Latin America 08/14/2007
Steven I. Cooper Joins StrikeForce Technologies as Chairman of its Board of Advisors 07/31/2007
PCMagazine Reviews StrikeForce’s GuardedID® Keystroke Encryption Software; Receives 3-Stars And Given "TOP RATED" 07/03/2007

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